5 Step Self-Hypnosis To Make You The “Best Me” You Can Be!

The ‘Best Me’ technique carries the benefits of practical self hypnosis even further. Case studies show that people respond better to a ‘suggestion enhanced experience’ – and so the best me technique gives better results than regular hypnotherapy.

It is much more realistic and though it falls back on visualization and other forms of hypnotherapy, the use of suggestions can be a lot more effective in mastering yourself and whatever impedes your progress. This is mainly because it is usually the mindset and the belief systems that hold you (and mankind in general) back from reaching your fullest potential.

And now, you too can use the ‘Best Me technique’ to master yourself and to achieve all that you want to.

Here’s a Step by step guide to Mastering yourself with the “Best Me” technique:

Step 1: Check the pre requisites: this starts with a change the way you think, and the rest is as follows:

  • Allow yourself to think more flexibly – don’t hold back and don’t allow logic and rationality to limit you in what you visualize.
  • Choose a place where there are least chances of you being disturbed.
  • Switch off your cell phone, go offline and just dedicate these moments to yourself.
  • Choose a place and posture that is comfortable – you need to be able to relax and concentrate.
  • Be ready to enjoy the ‘full’ experience – the emotions, the physical sensations and the newer perceptions. Embrace all of it to make the best of the ‘Best Me’ technique.

Step 2: Pre experience the rewards that you will reap: the aim is to achieve success in a particular endeavor – so make sure:

  • Your goal is going to be as concrete as you can make it. It could be anger management, conquering an addiction, or even achieving professional success.
  • Don’t just envision a broad goal – you can set aside immediately achievable mini goals as well.
  • Visualize your success – don’t just imagine it, you should be able to feel it. You need to ‘see’ your success, the admiration others will have for you.
  • You believe in it – believe from within that you can do it.

Step 3: Get back to that original enthusiasm with which you started down your chosen path: you could have started out enthusiastically…but somewhere along the way, you lost the faith in yourself, you let life’s challenges get the better of you. But with the ‘Best Me’ technique:

  • You can renew that enthusiasm.
  • You could recapture that mood with which you began, the self confidence that hasn’t dwindled – only been smothered under the burden of negative thoughts.

Step 4: Push yourself even higher: there will always be challenges to throw you off track, but with the ‘Best Me’ technique, you can:

  • Push yourself to new limits, try new things and achieve lot more than you could have previously aimed for.

Step 5: Review and redo: The ‘Best Me’ technique doesn’t work overnight. You will have to keep at it – and every time you end a session, you will have gone deeper within yourself. The deeper you reach, the stronger the effect of the ‘suggestions’ and the better your benefits from the technique.

Just a word of caution: try it slowly and practise every day – only then can you truly be able to get the benefits of self hypnosis and the ‘best me’ technique. In the beginning, you might need help and guidance. If you’re not keen on taking professional help at the very beginning,

Last but not the least, you need time, dedication and the will to be able to make the most of any form of self-hypnosis and the ‘Best Me’ technique. And don’t stop practicing it at the first taste of success – the key is to keep widening your horizons and to keep following your goals.

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