How Self-Hypnosis Scripts Influence The Mind

Hypnosis in itself is a science of suggestion and any changes in your mental makeup can be brought about not through assertion, but by making simple positive suggestions to the subconscious. And when a person is under hypnosis, their subconscious is super-focused, and in this state, suggestions – made the right way and with the right terminology – can have profound effect.

Since the case is self hypnosis, it has to be based on auto-suggestions, or in other words, affirmations and suggestion you make to yourself. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you should be prepared to accept these suggestions.  And nothing works better in preparing you than working these scripts out for yourself!

An overview of Self-hypnosis scripts

To begin with, there will be quite a few ready-made scripts that you can download and use. But when you are working on composing your own script, here are the different points to keep in mind:

  • Be very clear about what you want – hypnosis is a very powerful tool but only when you can be very specific about what you suggest to your mind.
  • Don’t set unrealistic expectations and keep these out of your suggestions – as hypnosis aims at making a positive change, make suggestions that are achievable rather than unrealistic ones.
  • Positivity is another essential component. This also extends to the sentences you use – keep the suggestions positive and avoid negatives.  After all, you want your self-hypnosis session to yield positive results.
  • And finally, it is important that you use simple words. This is because self-hypnosis depends on auto-suggestion or self-suggestion, and words that are too complex may break the trance.

Of all these, when you are preparing your own hypnosis script, you should pay special attention to…

Positivity in your Self-hypnosis Script

It is very important to keep your speech positive – both in tone and in terms of the language. Consider these points:

  • Instead of using negative terms like “not”, use affirmative sentences.
  • Don’t use positively vague words like “will”. Go for a more direct approach with a specific time frame, instead of leaving it in the indistinct future.
  • Try and leave out most words with negative connotations – e.g. “lose”.
  • Instead of implying that something will happen in the near (or far) future, assume and say that it has already happened.
  • Never use “but” – it complicates the sentence and also negates what you have said before.
  • Do not use words that are discouraging in nature – e.g. Ugly, Filthy, Bad, Untidy, Hate.
  • Also try and avoid words having a very fixed meaning – they are too absolute, and do not work in self-hypnosis scripts. E.g. impossible, finished, etc.
  • Also avoid words that are ambiguous in meaning, or cannot really be defined – e.g. Normal, desire, positive, maybe, growth, etc.
  • Avoid words that go on and on, and in case there are any long ones, do not drone on them.
  • And finally the goal is to be proactive – don’t say that you ‘can’ do it – believe you ‘will’ be able to do it.

May seem like a tough thing to do, since we left out all but a large section of your vocabulary. However, the whole idea is to keep it simple, and use everyday words that can convey the right meaning!

The next point to be careful about is…

The tone of voice you make the suggestions in

The aim of using this script is to

  •  Deepen the feeling of peace and calm so that your mind is completely submerged in the end result you are trying to achieve, and then
  • To bring about some modifications through affirmations and suggestions.

And while it may seem odd, the tone of your voice plays a very important role here. In fact, when speaking your script, keep these points in mind:

  • The tone of your voice should convey calmness and confidence, only then will your script make an impression.
  • Do not race through your speech; keep it slow so that the mind gets the time to absorb it.
  • Emote through your voice, which is to say speak with feeling – but don’t overdo it to stage proportions!
  • Ensure that your voice brings about relaxation.
  • When making affirmations and suggestions, sound positive and confident.
  • The last point is of course, when you are speaking that part of the speech that will bring you out of the trance, infuse energy in your voice, so that this energy is picked up by the brain.

For a successful session of self-hypnosis, the words and the tone go hand in hand. To this end, some people also record their own self-hypnosis speech beforehand, and play it back to themselves, when practicing self-hypnosis. This helps them to listen without affecting the trance state in any way. Of course, the one thing that hasn’t been mentioned yet is your faith in the entire process. So finally let’s take a look at…

Your own self-hypnosis script

Remember, that for the script or your efforts to take effect, your mind has to be a receiving field. And this can happen only when your mind believes that something good will come out of it and is ready to accept the affirmations and suggestions. This acceptance needs to be cultivated first.

While this may not immediately help, let’s take a somewhat different look at working through suggestions. When you look at let’s say a piece of pottery – where do you think it started? Even before the wheel, the clay or the water, it started first and foremost in the mind of the potter. It started as an idea that he brought to life – because his mind told him that the imagined pot in his mind is good, and will be a superior piece when formed in reality.

Similarly, self-hypnosis serves to strengthen your mind’s belief in a certain idea, or can also make a certain idea take priority. Once your mind has accepted the affirmation, the idea is perceived as real and achievable, and then your mind sets about trying to make it happen!

Therefore, the three most important things are:

  • The right idea.
  • Enough faith in that idea
  • And the will to make it happen.

You can achieve this with words, self-hypnosis scripts and tonal modulations in voice, but the most important thing is to believe, and to keep practicing! So get, set and go, today!

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