How to Recognize The Indicative Signs Of Being In A Trance?

Your daily grind is a series of distractions and stressful situations that can easily drown your innermost consciousness. One way to gain control of your subconscious is to put yourself in a state of trance. This will allow you to step into a world where you can control the innermost sanctum of your brain, away from the usual logic and rationalization which can hinder inner peace.Self-induced hypnosis is a feasible way to regain inner consciousness, but how do you know when you are in a trance? Keep in mind that in a state of trance, you are in an “altered” state of consciousness. And often, there are tell-tale signs that go with the experience to let you know that you are in a trance.There are ways to know if you are indeed, in a state of trance. These indicators, however, require a sharpening of your senses and aptitude in order to understand what goes inside your system. Though some easily manifest themselves, like being arrested in a fixed position or changes in pulse rate, it takes utmost dexterity to easily recognize the changes taking place within your consciousness.

Here are some of the easily noticeable signs to show that you are in trance:

Physiological Changes

  • Head dropping (as if falling asleep)
  • Shoulders are slumped
  • Breathing changes
  • Muscle tone changes, including micro muscle changes

Changes Occurring on Skin

  • Skin tone alteration (skin usually becomes droopy and soft, unless, innate to the person)
  • Change in skin complexion
  • Skin may feel warmer or colder than usual


  • Rapid eye movement (twitching of eyelids)
  • Less blinking
  • Tears may flow
  • Glazed or flickering eyes
  • Transfixed on a single gaze

Face and Facial Muscle Changes

  • Flexed jaw line or other changes
  • Softened face

Facial and Bodily Movements

  • Involuntary micro movements like twitching of the body or the lips
  • Pulse and heart rate slowing down
  • Lip-licking
  • Swallowing (which slowly ceases over time)

Aside from these readily recognizable symptoms, there are also certain signs naturally occurring in your daily lives without you even knowing. It can be reminiscing about memories from distant past or embracing beliefs and certain habits. Even watching television or remembering the flavor of a corner-store gelato or a touching memory of a loved one can put your brain in a natural trance-state.Hypnosis, it seems, reproduces naturally-occurring situations which pave the way for beliefs, habits and memories. This usually happens when a logical or conscious mind opens up its gate to the intuitive subconscious. Whenever you allow your thoughts to wander away from your logical/conscious part, you are actually in a state of trance.To practice your self-hypnosis tactic, try watching this video:

It will give you a clear understanding of how a trance works in self hypnosis.

Putting yourself in an altered state of consciousness usually suspends certain movements and limits one’s sensory perception. The tell-tale signs discussed earlier are not always present during hypnosis, whether with a hypnotherapist or on your own. Its effects can vary from person to person, too.

All in all, an altered state of consciousness that a trance entails can manifest itself in many ways and learning about these can make the experience of self hypnosis worthwhile.

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