How You Can Get Into Meditative Trance Through Self Hypnosis

There is nothing scary about getting into trance through self hypnosis. Snap out of your reverie on Hannibal Lecter episodes. You will not turn into a cat or duck when in deep trance. Out of body experience is also not part of the deal. It is not as magical or as mysterious or as scary as you think. It is a very safe method as humans are naturally ‘wired’ in such a way that they can easily enter and get out of a state of deep trance. In more ways than one, hypnosis is actually an effective way to unwind and cope with life’s daily stressors.

What is Meditative Trance

Since time immemorial, self-hypnosis has been easily achieved through meditation time and again not only by seers, but also ordinary people…who have wished to rise above their ‘ordinariness’. Commonly called meditative trance, it is as easy as sitting in a comfortable space, clearing the mind from any worries, focused breathing, and avoiding distractions. To a beginner, the idea of suppressing the conscious mind to eliminate stress and worries, ignore painful sensation or simply let the mind go blank as the body heals, can be the hardest thing to achieve. But given time and effort, this can be easily performed over and over again by himself.

Meditative trance can be done in more ways than one. The key that ‘unlocks’ this ‘passage’ usually begins with your breathing exercises to help calm your system. To give you an idea, here are some common ways ‘employed’ to enter trance through self hypnosis:

  • Have a meditation CD handy as you look for a comfortable spot. Your room may sound the best option but it can easily induce you to sleep. Turn on your meditation CD and listen to soothing music.
  • Sit and relax. Do not lie down or you might induce your body to sleep. Use breathing exercises to relax your senses.
  • Visualize through the 3-step process. From the ‘awake level’, move to ‘sleep level’ and then, finally to ‘deep sleep level’. Feel the music ‘envelope’ your senses. Let your heartbeat match the rhythm. When it feels like being in a much larger place and totally relaxed with your mind not being ‘barged in’ with conflicting thoughts, possibly you have reached meditative trance state.
  • You can get out of your trance state by moving toes and fingers. But do it very slowly.

How This Exercise Affects Your Thinking

One of the benefits of being in deep trance during self-hypnosis is in gaining access to a seemingly far-out subconscious mind. Your left brain normally holds order, logic, familiar things and processes, control, and everything that usually makes you do your daily rounds. The right brain, the seat of the subconscious, is normally untapped. If your left is the “I know exactly who I am,” then, its right hemisphere means “I am everything I wanted to be.”

Being in deep trance will allow you access to the intuitive portion of the brain. Through this, you can easily find ways to program your mind to achieve what it really wants to do. By simply shutting-out the left side’s dominance, being in deep trance through self hypnosis will enable you to stimulate your right side to be more active in pursuing what it wants and achieve it. You may want to watch the following video to get a better idea:

Like everything else, achieving success in ways to enter trance through self hypnosis takes time. Results can vary from person to person but, through constant practice, patience and persistence, achieving a meditative trance state can be quite easy. You can easily slip in-and-out of your subconscious and tap your innermost desires and fears.

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