Exploring The Role Of Music In Self-Hypnosis!

Perhaps you want to use hypnosis to achieve your goals in life…

Perhaps you want to break free from the tensions of the daily grind and use hypnosis for some minutes of relaxation…

Perhaps you are just curious about this whole hypnotism process and want to try it out yourself…

Whatever be your reason, hypnosis is a vast world of curious possibilities and only a meager section of it has been explored till date.To get ourselves a bit more familiar with the world of hypnosis, today we will explore its musical aspect. To be precise, we will learn to enter the world of self hypnosis with the help of music.

First, let us try to figure out why music should be used in a self hypnosis session? On the one hand, some people opine that music is only a good add-on and that it doesn’t really play any role in the actual hypnosis session other than perhaps creating a nice ambience.

But, on the other hand, there are some really good arguments that attribute a prominent role to music in the hypnotism process. Here are some of

The reasons to use music in a hypnosis session

  1. Music performs as a trance inducer: Music can excite you…it can even relax you. But have you realized that these are actually hypnotic suggestions for different moods? Quality hypnosis music contains “harmonic progressions and rhythms”, owing to which it induces a sense of relaxation to ease the conscious mind and thereby, tap into the subconscious. Music helps you to relax and drift into deeper states of awareness.
  2. Music moves people from a physiological ‘stress’ response to a ‘rest’ response: When you are stressed, your physiology is triggered to enter a state of fight-or-flight response. Your mind becomes alert and you become ready for action. While it may appear to be a good thing, the downside of this physiological state is that it prevents your body from performing certain recuperative functions like digestion and healing.In order to relax, your mind should be convinced that you are safe and there is absolutely no need to be so alert and aware all the time. From the fight-or-flight mode, you must shift your mind to the ‘rest-and-digest’ mode because this is the state where true healing takes place.Music has this ability to shift your mood immediately…it can, within a few minutes, take you out of your problems thereby shifting your response to the rest-and-digest state.
  3. Music creates a blanket of sound that gives you a sense of privacy: While in a hypnotic state, often as you become aware of the silence surrounding you, you become self-conscious. This consciousness can actually ruin your hypnotic state of mind. Some gentle hypnosis music in the background can actually create a blanket of sound. It gives you the necessary privacy to drift deeper into your mind.
  4. Music helps you to relax and acts as a supportive aid: An individual, while in a state of trance, needs to feel safe and draw support from the ambience so that he/she can go deep into the state of relaxation. Music creates this supportive ambience for you that is necessary to induce a state of hypnotic trance.

And now the important concern is

How Music Helps with Hypnosis?

Hypnotic music has its effect on your mind and body; gradually you will find yourself conditioned according to the rhythmic pattern of the song playing in the background. Even your breathing pattern and heart rate will start following the rhythmic patterns of the music. This is a very desirable state in the process of hypnosis.

So, as you can see, music helps you to access the inner recesses of your mind thereby unleashing the latent powers that lie dormant within your brain.

Music for hypnosis is available in general music or online stores. However, it would be better if you let your hypnotherapist choose the composition for you. Even in the case of self hypnosis, it is better to take professional help in the selection of music.

However, if you are reluctant or unable to take professional help, here’s a popular video you can listen to.

It has relaxing music that you can enjoy for a good half an hour of self induced hypnosis.

Or, you can also get this music in MP3 format – Confidence & Self Esteem – Self Hypnosis to Unlock Your Potential! Users have praised it by saying that it keeps them uplifted, motivated and positive.

They say there is music in every aspect of nature; that means we individuals also have our own music inside us. But the mounting stress in our lives robs us of this music. Let us use music to bring our lives back on the rhythmic track.

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