Self-Induce a Hypnotic Trance to Achieve Deep Relaxation!

The word trance is used to describe any state where a person is not fully conscious, and unable, to a large extent, to respond to the changes happening around him. Down the ages, the general idea has been that when you are under a hypnotic trance, you are only half conscious and completely unable to respond to any stimuli. But nothing can be more far from the truth.

In fact, being in a hypnotic trance is almost like being super-focused on a subconscious level, where the surroundings have been tuned out to a certain extent. What this brings about is an intense feeling of relaxation, and an ability to accept what is being told to you in this state. It is however, important to note, that you still retain your logical faculties, and if your brain so desires, it can actually reject the suggestions made to it, even while it is in an induced trance!

But, the question that arises is, why should you consider this? Let us try to answer that.

How being in a trance can help?

Human beings depend to a large extent on the faculty of memory. In fact, morality, or even our principles are actually resting on prior experiences. And gleaned from these prior experiences, we arrive at what is called our individual belief systems. While this very belief system helps to keep you on track, and to take decisions, it is also one of the most limiting influences on the brain.

However, when you are under an induced hypnotic trance, your belief systems are suspended, and your brain is in a state to accept the suggestions made to it, even if they go against your belief system.

Hypnotic trance can be used therapeutically for this very ability of it to bypass your belief systems and create new beliefs. In fact, when you are in a deep hypnotic trance, suggestion and instruction can actually:

  • Make you do physical actions that you have no control over
  • Change your mindset to a great extent
  • Alter or modify very stubborn beliefs and ideas that you have, and
  • Most importantly, bring about or boost physical and mental healing in cases like overeating, binge eating or smoking.

While going to a professional trance-hypnotist may be one option, trying out self-hypnosis wouldn’t be a very bad idea, either. Don’t worry – you won’t turn into a clucking duck and be stuck that way! It is quite a safe thing to practice, especially for mental and physical relaxation!

So now, let’s look at the procedure…

Self-inducing a Hypnotic Trance

You can achieve a safe and relaxing hypnotic trance by following these easy steps:

  1. Firstly, you need to find some peace and quiet. Sit comfortably in a room, with the lights dimmed. Ensure you will not be disturbed.
  2. Now for focus – this is important if you want to tune out everything else. Find anything – a mark on the wall, an actual physical object, or even the corner of a picture and concentrate your attention on that point.
  3. While you are focusing on one point, keep repeating these lines every 30 seconds to yourself:“My eyelids are becoming heavier and heavier”
    “My eyelids feel as if heavy weights are pulling them down”
    “Soon they will be so heavy that they will close”
  4. You should start feeling the effects of the lines you chant now, and your eyes will really start feeling heavy. Do not resist this. Eventually your eyes will close on their own. Let this happen, and repeat to yourself “Relax and let go.”
  5. Thereafter, take in a large deep breath and hold it for about 10 seconds.
  6. Exhale through the mouth, slowly, and while making a whooshing sound.The rest of this step isn’t easy and will take some effort to master:While your jaw drops, feel a sense of warmth spread through you. Breathe deeply and repeat the word “calm” when you exhale.

This state is in itself relaxing, and can be induced if stress relief or relaxation is the goal in itself. But to get the other benefits, like healing, you will need to deepen the trance.

Deepening the Hypnotic Trance 

When you’re already in a light trance, it is the right time to deepen it. Follow these steps:

  1. You have to make your mind believe that you want to go deeper, so take another deep breath and exhale after holding it for 10 seconds. When exhaling, repeat the word “deeper” to yourself.
  2. Believe that you are going lower, in an elevator of some sort; as in you are descending lower into the state of calm, but not consciously. Repeat “I am sinking slowly into a deeper state of relaxation.”
  3. While you feel this, count down from 10 to 1 for every exhalation.
  4. The deeper you can descend, the better will be the results.

But one thing to consider is that you will probably not manage it on the very first try. It takes practice and perseverance.

While the induced state will bring you peace, and you can also use suggestions to get other benefits, you cannot perpetually exist in this state – you must emerge from it after each session.

Coming out of the Trance

Here’s a simple way in which you can emerge from the trance, but continue to feel the relaxation even beyond that.

  1. Tell yourself: “When I reach one, my eyes will open and I will feel totally awake and refreshed.”
  2. Then count slowly from 5 to 1.

Trance hypnosis can be a very powerful tool to overcome many of the problems in life. It can bring you relaxation and acceptance; it can also help you to deal with certain physical conditions. So try it and remember that practice will make you better.

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