How does Self Hypnosis arm you to fight drug addiction?

You might have started using drugs to fit in with your circle, or simply because you were curious or wanted to mentally escape from your hard times. But, once you lose control, overcoming the addiction can be more than difficult. First of all, the more you try to refrain from it, the more you will find yourself drawn back to the ensnaring habit. You might also give in to the addiction from a desire to experience that ‘high’ once again.While drugs might fill the void momentarily, it actually weighs you down with a feeling of guilt, thus lowering your self-esteem and impairing your will power. And that’s not even counting the havoc it wreaks on your body!So instead of draining yourself emotionally, mentally and physically, why don’t you take the help of self hypnosis to stop your drug addiction?

But before you reach out for help, it is important to find if you have developed a dependency on drugs.

Some of the signs of drug addiction include:

  • Feeling irritable/ uncomfortable without drugs.
  • Losing weight drastically.
  • Avoiding people not using drugs.
  • Selling belongings/ stealing from people/ borrowing/ getting into debt to pay for drugs.

Now you might be asking:

“Why is it important to identify the symptoms”?

Because no one can force a ‘patient’ to get treated before he is convinced that he is actually having a problem and requires treatment.

Again, many drug addicts believe that they can give up the habit without help. However, that’s a really tough way of going about it and requires you to exercise tremendous willpower. Thus, they often fail in their endeavor.

So when it comes to getting rid of your drug addiction, you might start by talking to a psychotherapist or just about anyone to get support. And while you do so, regular self-hypnosis sessions can do wonders for you.

How can self hypnosis help?

You might think that you have lost the will to fight the addiction altogether. However, as psychotherapists point out, your will power is right there; hidden somewhere though. Actually, your subconscious mind guides you to take all the decisions, thus influencing your thoughts and feelings. It is up to you to tap into it. And this is where self-hypnosis can help you.

When it comes to stop drug addiction, experts often pair hypnosis with

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques. It can also help you during the post-withdrawal phase of your treatment, and help you learn different behavioral responses to live without drugs.

And here’s a CD that can help you to Overcome Drug Addiction through self-hypnosis.

drug addiction recreational

The self-hypnosis session recorded in this CD involves use of many effective hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to help you phase out your addiction.

You might have heard that giving up drugs is really difficult. But with self-hypnosis, your endeavors to fight the addiction can actually bear fruit and that too at a relatively faster pace.

So, give self hypnosis a try and break free of the shackles of addiction!