Can Hypnosis Help You Kick The “Butt” Of Smoking?

Sounds familiar? Well, it is quite a popular line among chain smokers.Jokes apart, regular smokers often have a tough time when they attempt giving up smoking for good.

Ever wondered what hinders you most when you try to quit smoking, despite knowing that it’s the easiest way to avoid many fatal health complications? Many smokers blame it on withdrawal symptoms which typically accompany smokers who have just given up the habit.

The withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Flu-like aches and discomfort
  • Fatigue
  • Craving for a smoke

As you tried to quit smoking, you may have come across many odd suggestions from your friends (“take it easy, buddy. Stop smoking gradually” or “Just throw them out of your window and the trick will be done”)ORMaybe tried the pills that claim to help you stop smoking in a week or twoOR EVENHad gone for Nicotine Replacement TherapyBut all your efforts might have gone kaput- making you reach for another pack of cigarette and “puff away” your woes.However, before you give in, you can consider one more effective way (a little offbeat, though) to quit smoking.

Though not precisely a magic cure for smoking, hypnosis is, actually an alternate state of mind (read deep relaxation) where an individual becomes predisposed to the suggestions that he makes to himself (then it is called self-hypnosis) – or someone else.

So how can a hypnotist help you quit smoking?


  • Your session might begin with an over-the-phone consultation
  • Following that, the hypnotist might ask you to come for an in-person session. He/ she can ask to practice certain breathing and visualization exercises which can gradually “induce” you into a trance like state.
  • While you are in trance, the hypnotist might make statements (“Cigarettes make me stinky” or I hate cigarettes. It kills people) which can change your perspective towards smoking.
  • During this stage, the hypnotist can also point out the health benefits of quitting smoking.
  • The practitioner can also furnish you with some “post-hypnotic suggestions” to consider beating the cravings for cigarettes over time.
  • After that, the hypnotist will return you to your normal waking state.
  • However, you may need to go for additional hypnotic sessions for better implementation of the suggestions.

So as you try to quit smoking, these motivational stories and ideas may accelerate the process of reaching your goal.

You can also consider practicing guided meditation as well.

To make your hypnosis sessions even more relaxing, you can also get your set of the Quit Smart Quit Smoking with Hypnosis: Relax as you develop the care and respect for your body that naturally lead to freedom from cigarettes [Audio CD]

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To your health, wealth and happiness bidding smoking a permanent goodbye!