Top Reasons To Manage Excessive Sweating With Self Hypnosis

Sweating is natural physiological occurrence. It is a means for the body to control and adapt to change in temperature brought about by climatic condition, activities or certain situations. In some cases, however, the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) gets revved-up causing some people to sweat in excess…more than the amount needed to regulate your body temperature.

This is called “hyperidrosis”. It can happen to various parts of the body. From clammy hands to smelly shoes, stained clothes, and so on, this condition can be irritating and embarrassing. Often, this can lower a person’s self-esteem and in extreme cases, lead to depression. Today, one can manage excessive sweating with self hypnosis. But before delving on the how-tos of hypnotherapy, let us understand its causes.

Causes of Hyperidrosis

There are at least 5 known causes of excessive sweating, namely…

  1. emotional/mental health,
  2. physical ailments,
  3. hormonal issues,
  4. side effects of ingested medication,And
  5. obesity.

It can also be a genetic factor wherein one or both parents might have the same disorder and passed this genetic mutation to their offspring. All these can be controlled by self hypnosis when done accordingly.

 Excessive sweating in obese people is a common occurrence. With the extra weight, your bodily systems exert more effort to function normally. An unhealthy diet usually associated with obesity can also trigger this condition.

Certain physical conditions like diabetes, Parkinson’s, tuberculosis, or certain cancers can also manifest through hyperidrosis.

Sometimes, excessive sweating could be a symptom or as a side effect for medications you take to address any of these conditions. Hormonal problems and changes as well as psychological conditions also trigger hyperidrosis.

When sweating goes beyond your control and you do not know the actual cause, it is imperative to get yourself examined by a physician. Most doctors often provide synthetic medication. But that is again pulling your body into the mire of chemicals, mostly harmful!

So, what is the alternative?One alternative and natural way is to manage excessive sweating with self hypnosis in conjunction with the treatment or as a stand-alone alternative therapy.

Top Benefits Of Hypnosis in Hyperidrosis Management

There are many benefits reaped when you decide to manage excessive sweating with self hypnosis. For one, you will not be experiencing any detrimental side effects quite commonly associated with synthetic medication. Excessive sweating, for example, can come from anxiety attack and antidepressants are commonly prescribed by doctors. Long term use of antidepressants can be hazardous to health.

Hypnotherapy is a renowned alternative technique to fight stress and other mental conditions that lead to over sweating. It aims to relax and put the mind in a trance state to fully visualize its goals and objectives. By relaxing the mind, it can take full control of the situation and prevent the symptoms from manifesting itself. All in all, self hypnosis can make an individual manage hyperidrosis and other underlying triggers, as well.

How to manage excessive sweating with self hypnosis

Hypnotherapy can help control hyperidrosis. It can also be done in conjunction with professional medical treatment, if you wish. Its primary work is to help the mind visualize control and recovery. Through self hypnosis, you can connect with your sympathetic nervous system by sending signals to the sweat glands via the brain to prevent unnecessary overproduction of sweat. Calming your mind will help reduce the activity on your sympathetic nervous system. In essence, self hypnosis can stimulate your brain to “learn” not to sweat excessively.

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Ways to Learn Self Hypnosis for Hyperidrosis

Some individuals prefer going to a licensed hypnotherapist while others rely on CDs and audio tapes to guide them through.

You can watch this video – – to learn:

Indeed, there are more benefits to reap when one decides to manage excessive sweating with self hypnosis. It could be used as a standalone alternative therapy or in conjunction with a doctor’s prescription. This is even made more available today with various avenues, both online and offline, to aid in your pursuit of managing excessive sweating.

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