Self-Hypnosis: The New ‘Beauty Secret’ For ‘Hypnotically Beautiful’ Skin

Slathering on pricey creams and lotions and going to that high-end salon every month for getting that ‘glowing’ skin seems to be the way with everyone. But why flow with the tide, when you aren’t even sure of the results? Instead go off the beaten track and try something that is becoming an increasingly popular way for skincare: hypnosis!

Bet that took you by surprise!

Yes, you must be wondering…

Why Hypnosis, of all things?

As skin care experts and facialists point out, emotions play an important role in your skin’s appearance and health.  And hence, self-hypnosis can play a vital role in improving your skin.

Here’s a detailed explanation:

Skin and Your Skin – the relation between them

  • When stressed, depressed or anxious, people often tend to neglect their skin, which itself can aggravate a number of skin problems, gradually leading to dull AND lifeless skin.
  • Moreover, stress results in the secretion of ‘stress hormones’ like Cortisol, DHEA and adrenaline. They can bring in a number of changes in your skin, thereby leading to a number of skin issues.
  • For example, Cortisol escalates skin’s oil production leading to acne.
  • Stress can dehydrate skin and affect the barrier function of the skin, allowing allergens, irritants and other contaminants to penetrate the skin and trigger skin problems like psoriasis and seborrhoeic dermatitis.
  • The greater your stress level, the greater is the number of neuropetides – a sort of stress chemicals – released. This can lead to blood vessel over-activity, thereby affecting your skin color and texture.

So, as you see, stress is often the culprit in damaging your skin. And when it comes to relieving stress, self-hypnosis can often work wonders!

So here’s moving on to…

How Self Hypnosis might help

Self hypnosis makes your stress levels plummet and this, in turn, helps clear up most of your skin issues. This way, your skin’s vitality is restored and it keeps glowing.

How to practise Self Hypnosis for Healthy Skin

You can practice self-hypnosis under the supervision of an expert, or else, you can consider having a CD that relaxes your mind and consequently, helps you to enjoy HEALTHY CLEAR SKIN

healthy clear skin

So, follow this innovative way of ‘relaxing’ your skin and make it hypnotically beautiful!

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