Self-Hypnosis Recording vs Live Hypnotherapy

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Self-Hypnosis Recording vs Live Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is an effective psychological therapeutic technique whose uses are proven and thoroughly studied. It is a state of heightened focus where the individual is made to concentrate on positive affirmations suggested by the therapist.

The hypnotherapist uses relaxation techniques in order to calm the individual’s mind and body and then gradually leads them into a state of trance wherein their subconscious is more open to receiving positive suggestions.

Hypnosis can be done in two ways

  • Self-Hypnosis: Self or Recordings
  • Hypnotherapy

Which Therapy Form is the Best?

Both therapy forms, i.e. Self-Hypnosis Recordings and Live Hypnosis are excellent forms of treatment methods and they both have their advantages and disadvantages. They can be used complementarily and have been found to bring about the desired positive behavioral changes.

Live Hypnotic sessions are more specific and tailor-made to a client’s needs. Through the use of live hypnosis, major psychological issues can be resolved as one gets complete one -on -one attention from the therapist.

  • Self-Hypnosis recordings, on the other hand, are affordable, convenient and cover a wide range of issues.

Self-Hypnosis recordings play a major role in easing one into live hypnotic sessions and makes their subconscious more open to suggestions.

Both these methods have their pros and cons and are both useful to resolve psychological obstacles.

Given below is a list of information on the usefulness of these methods and how they differ from each other.


Self-Hypnosis Recording

Live Hypnotherapy


Self-Hypnosis recordings, as the name suggests is a process of hypnosis which is self-induced by listening to an audio of positive affirmations.

Live Hypnotherapy is a process of hypnosis administered by a trained and educated hypnotherapist.


Self-Hypnosis recordings are useful in helping build one’s confidence, improving one’s performance, managing anxiety, improving relationships and sleep disorders, lowering stress, managing one’s weight, and helping with sexual problems etc.

Live hypnotherapy is very useful in treating major psychological disorders like chronic phobias, pain management, depression and trauma resolution. It is also useful in helping build one’s confidence and improving one’s performance. This therapy form also helps manage anxiety, stress, relationship issues, sexual problems and weight. 

Effectiveness of Therapy

Self-Hypnosis recordings is general in nature. For e.g. a recording on “Boosting your self-confidence” will be general in nature, covering ways on how you can boost your confidence. However, you may not be able to discover the reasons of your poor self-esteem and the causes leading you to behave the way you do.

Live Hypnotherapy on the other hand is very specific in nature. A qualified and trained hypnotherapist can help you find out the causes of your lower self-esteem, the reasons behind why you behave the way you do and what you can do to specifically alter your behavior to improve your self-confidence.  

Body Language

In self-hypnosis recordings, there is no way you will be able to perceive and understand your body language as you listen to the recordings.

In live hypnosis, the therapist is able to watch you closely and make a careful observation about the way you react to the different suggestions he/she makes and changes them accordingly to help bring about the desired behavioral change.


Self- Hypnosis Recording can be done anywhere the individual wishes too in accordance to their convenience. It can be done at any place the individual feels comfortable at. It can either be their home, a hotel room or any other quiet place. They do not have to travel anywhere to receive the hypnotism. Self-Hypnosis recordings are immediately available and can be downloaded instantly. If you are ordering a CD you may have to wait for a bit. But there are several recordings available online that can help you receive the necessary help you want.

Hypnotherapy in most cases is done in the hypnotherapist’s office. The individual will have to take an appointment to meet the hypnotherapist and can visit them only when the hypnotherapist is available. This can be a little inconvenient because the individual may have to spend time and effort to travel to the hypnotherapist’s office and may be able to receive help depending on the hypnotherapist’s schedule.


Since self-hypnosis can be done in the convenience of your home or personal space, there is a higher degree of comfort reported here. For some reason, if you are not able to connect with the recording you can tune out immediately without feeling pressurized to get hypnotized. Also, self-hypnosis recordings can help you get used to the concept of hypnosis and prepare you for what to expect in a Live Hypnosis setting. The more you hear the hypnotic suggestions, the more your subconscious will be at ease to accept them.

In live hypnotherapy, there is a chance of one feeling pressurized to get hypnotized. You will be able to tune out on any sign of discomfort and more sessions would be required in order for you to ease your way into hypnosis. However, this may get expensive for you.


Self-Hypnosis recordings are relatively cheaper in comparison to the fees charged by a hypnotherapist. The CD’s can be listened to any number of times without causing an extra charge.

Hypnotic sessions can be expensive and apart from that, one may also incur traveling expenses. Recurrent sessions can be more expensive.

As seen above, both therapy forms have their advantages and disadvantages.

Live hypnosis helps provide specific treatment for major psychological disorders. Also, therapists use Self-Hypnotic recordings to reinforce a therapy and encourage their client to open up to deep relaxation procedures.

Self-Hypnosis, on the other hand, is affordable and convenient. It is not necessary that one suffers from a mental disorder in order to use Self Hypnotic recordings. These recordings can be used by anyone and everyone to reduce stress, manage relationships, increase productivity and relax at the end of the day.

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