Self-Hypnosis: How To Lull Your ‘Self’ To Sleep

A sluggish start to the day, irritability, exhaustion, poor concentration, forgetfulness bordering on amnesia, even serious conditions like depression and sleep apnea- the side effects of insomnia are many!

Yet sleeping pills- which tend to be the easiest and fastest solution to the problem — should be the last thing you consider to manage this wretched condition.

The reason is simple… the medicines for insomnia can be highly addictive, leaving you with even more side effects over time!

Hence, it is no wonder that numerous people are turning to alternative lines of treatment to manage their sleep disorder, many of them opting for self hypnosis.

Hypnosis, as you might know, refers to a process of being directed to a “state of trance”. During that time, you become more receptive to the suggestions than you are normally.

You can either seek professional help for the hypnosis session, or try doing it on your own.

The video shows how self-hypnosis can cure insomnia, and also provides some basic tips to practice self hypnosis.

As a beginner, you can also try this simple self-hypnosis exercise to induce sleep

  • Make yourself comfortable
  • Find something to focus on (it could be a light switch, a corner of the door frame and the like)
  • Don’t shift your focus from the object
  • Spot/ observe four things about that object
  • Make four statements to yourself about what you see (“Now I can see that the switch is white, now I can see that it is rectangular in shape, now I can see that the switch is in the on position, I can see the shadow on the edge of the switch…)
  • Next, observe the things you can hear ( for example, consider  the car passing by outside, the sound of the AC, the ticking sound of the clock)
  • Once again, make four statements to yourself on what you are hearing
  • Next, observe at least four things you are sensing physically (your hand on your lap, for example) and make four statements to yourself on what you are feeling
  • Repeat the whole process, starting with the visual stimuli you originally focused on, ending with the physical sensations you have felt
  • However, this time you only have to observe three things
  • Repeat the process , and this time you will only have to find two things
  • Repeat the process for a final time, looking for one thing
  • Initially, you might fail to find different things to see, hear or feel. In that case, you can repeat something you used earlier. But optimally, try to find something different each time.

While you are exercising this simple method of self-hypnosis, you can play this recording at your bedside and relax your mind and body.

You can also learn the art of relaxation through Sleep Deeply – New Age Music and Ambience for Deep Rem Sleep, Meditation, Self Hypnosis, Insomnia Therapy, Yoga, Study and Spa

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Hope these tips will help you to enjoy a good refreshing sleep …

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