Preparing For A ‘Painless’ Birth By Regularly Practising 7 Easy Self Hypnosis Steps

reduce pain in childbirth natuarally

While the joy of motherhood surpasses every sort of discomfort you might face during the term, it doesn’t take away the pain and apprehension associated with child birth. It is not easy to relax and ease the contractions, letting the birthing proceed naturally, especially since every muscle in your body tenses up, and you experience the flight/fight syndrome. Instead of letting your body secrete the birthing hormones — endorphins and serotonin – to help with natural childbirth; your natural impulse is to be tense, thereby driving the blood to the peripheral parts of your body instead of where necessary.

But with regular practice of self-hypnosis, you can overcome this natural impulse to go rigid. In fact, if you relax your body, your muscles loosen, and the feeling of pain also reduces. But how do you make your body realize that?

With Self hypnosis – by preparing your mind and body for the birthing, by accepting the pain and not letting it rule or overcome you. Connect with your child rather than with the pain with Easy Natural Childbirth — Self Hypnosis CD / MP3 Download.

How does self hypnosis help?

The subconscious controls the body and the different sensations felt by the body. Self hypnosis works by tapping into this subconscious and by infusing the subconscious with positive ideas and images that can take away from the sensations of pain felt during childbirth. This is how Rachel Yellin, a HypnoBirthing instructor in San Francisco explains the working of self hypnosis:

“The subconscious mind is responsible for many of our bodily functions, and it’s also the house of our belief systems… In this state of relaxation we fill the mother’s mind with positive images and associations of birth, so she can call on these while she’s giving birth. It’s combining the positive powers of the mind with the natural animal body,”

So to help you embrace motherhood with ease and in a relatively ‘pain-free’ manner, here are the 7 steps of self hypnosis for child birth.

7 Easy self hypnosis steps to welcome your bundle of joy into the world:

  • 1Give yourself at least half an hour each day when you will not be disturbed. Enjoy this restful solitude comfortably – sitting, reclining on the bed/sofa…be comfortable. Close your eyes, makes it easier to focus and relax.
  • 2Breathe in and out – in and out – rhythmically, visualize your chest rising and falling gently. Attune yourself with the slow and smooth rhythm. Keep your muscles limp.
  • 3Visualize a positive image; it can be your most cherished memory or a fond get-away. Concentrate on the sounds and feel of the place/memory – the more concrete your image, the better the effect of self hypnosis.
  • 4Once you are calm, take yourself through the birth – focus on what you want to happen and negate what you do not want happening during the childbirth.
  • 5Fill yourself with positive suggestions and your connection with your infant. The stronger the suggestions, the more effective your session.
  • 6Imagine your baby in your arms – holding your progeny is powerful enough to make you forget the pain of childbirth, grasp this feeling and let it help you ease the childbirth.
  • 7Return to your surroundings gently and gradually. You will feel relaxed and refreshed and better prepared to give birth to your unborn infant.

Of course, none of this is going to be easy, but with calm practice, self hypnosis can become your means of having a successful and relatively easy child birth. And you can always take the help of guides and self hypnosis experts.

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