Practising Self-Hypnosis Can Help You Overcome The Negativity Of Jealousy

Let’s start with a question:

What is Jealousy?

Yes, it is a negative emotion, but what is the exact emotion? We feel jealous when we see something that someone else ‘has’ but we ‘don’t’. But is it really as simple as that? We like to believe that it is, but psychoanalysis reveals that the “green-eyed monster” is an emotional response to much more complex stimuli.

An attempt to decode this complex emotion called Jealousy tells us that it is a response to a complex mix of

“insecurity, fear, and anxiety over an anticipated loss of something of great personal value”.

The feeling is triggered especially in the case of

“an existing connection”

to a thing or person. And the feeling typically translates into a complex response as well – one that combines one or more emotions of

“anger, resentment, inadequacy, helplessness and disgust”.

However, surprisingly, in the case of most people, once the feeling passes, they wish they hadn’t felt that way. They wish they could be ‘cured’ of jealousy. And this is indeed possible. In fact, the ‘cure’ lies in rooting out that insecurity. And here’s where self hypnosis can help you out. And this is especially true for those who find it difficult to curb feelings of intense jealousy.

Decoding YOUR Jealousy

Here is a 3-part exercise that psychologists recommend to help you get to the root of (and overcome) your jealousy:

  1. First, evaluate how you would classify your connection with the thing (could be a person, a thing, an opportunity, attention, anything for that matter) that you are feeling jealous about.
  2. Now evaluate what is the fear or insecurity lying behind it. The lack of this ‘thing’ that you are jealous about can lead to the loss of what in your life? And of course, is this fear or insecurity a rational one?
  3. Finally, evaluate if it is indeed a threat. And even if it is a threat, is it worthy of the adverse reaction you are having.

Always keep in mind that this evaluation isn’t an easy process – the third step being the most challenging. However, practice and affirmation is essential when trying to change something that lies so deep inside the psyche. To that end, practising some self hypnosis that helps you to connect with your inner self may actually amplify the results. So here goes…

Rising Above Jealousy

Once you have found the pointers that tell you the root of your jealousy, half the battle is won. While there are a number of self-hypnosis programs that especially aim at curbing jealousy, here’s a short video/audio that you can try out.

Find 15 minutes of quite time, when your mind isn’t in turmoil, and sit comfortably and practise self hypnosis to this:

The “monster” needn’t take over your life – you have the strength to fight it off – within yourself. Using Self-hypnosis to unlock this power and root out the very core of the insecurity that is causing you to be jealous will ensure that you are free of the emotion!

overcome jealousy mp3

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