Overcoming Sleep Walking With Self Hypnosis

When does sleeping become hazardous to your heath?

Remember how comfortable it feels to be in bed, in a motionless, deep sleep? You can feel the weight of your body as you drift through a fantastic dreamland.





Have you experienced that jarring feeling when something tears you out of that slumber?

Imagine someone knocking on your door, ringing the doorbell at 3 AM.

Would you be angry? Afraid? Curious?

Richard never found out what reactions he’d triggered. He felt confused when he found himself at his neighbors’ front door.

He recalled knocking, but couldn’t remember why. Or how he’d gotten there.

What would these people do when they found a 10-year-old boy standing at their door in the middle of the night?

Richard looked down and found himself in his pajamas, barefoot, and realized he’d been sleepwalking again. He quickly turned to run back home, hoping nobody would answer the door. There was no one else outside to see him… but he soon realized he wasn’t alone.

You might have had a similar experience. Has sleepwalking landed you in dangerous situations? Or just embarrassing moments? Maybe you have memories of yourself sleepwalking, or maybe you’ve heard stories from the people you’ve interacted with.

Either way, how great would it be if you could stop?

But it’s not like you can simply decide not to sleepwalk anymore.

It’s as if a different person makes your decisions for you. No matter what you decide when you’re awake, that other identity will choose whatever it wants.

If only you could talk to that other person! Wouldn’t it be useful if you could convince them to keep you in your bed at night?

Well, you’re in luck. There is a way!

In a moment I’ll explain exactly how to communicate with that other person.

But first, it’s important to understand who we’re talking to.

Sleep is a time when the conscious mind rests, and the subconscious mind is free to play. The subconscious will take care of:

healing the body

restoration of energy

physical and emotional maintenance

organizing memories

problem solving

creativity & exploration of concepts

For most people, these are entirely internal processes. But for sleepwalkers, the subconscious takes it to the outside world.

Sleepwalking is more common with children, but adults can also experience it. For adults who frequently travel in their sleep, going to sleep can lead to potentially serious consequences. Even doing tasks such as eating, getting dressed, and opening doors can lead to injury. Although the eyes may be open, vision may be dim or blurry, leading to tripping, falling, or interacting with dangerous objects.

So if you want to keep yourself safe in bed while you sleep, you need to communicate with the subconscious mind.

And to do that, the critical, analytical conscious mind needs to step aside.

So how do you communicate with the subconscious mind while the conscious mind just relaxes?

Hypnosis is the key!

I’m not talking about paying someone to make you drool on yourself and bark like a chicken.

Hypnosis is actually quite a bit different from what you’ve seen in movies and on TV, or on the stage.

Think of it this way:

If you were to take a deep breath right now. Breathe all the way in, and then gently breathe out. As you do so, you may notice a slight feeling of relaxation. It’s the body’s natural response to breathing in that way, and it’s a good thing. You may even feel like closing your eyes.

If you chose to follow instructions, to breathe, and maybe to close your eyes for a moment, you’ve had the experience of hypnosis.

That’s right. That’s all it is. Relaxing as you follow the instructions you choose to follow.

And if you chose to continue reading, without taking a moment to breathe, guess what… You didn’t miss out.

You’ve had a different experience of hypnosis. You have a choice to reject instructions and to do your own thing.

No magic. No mind control. No unconsciousness.

Just relaxation and agreement. Allowing the message to pass by the critical faculty of the conscious mind. And the subconscious mind can receive and process and make a change.

You can make this happen – You have the ability within you.

What would it be like to:

Sleep deep and restful every night

Wake up totally refreshed and invigorated

Feel absolutely certain that sleepwalking is no longer a problem

That’s exactly how Richard feels these days.

You see, as he ran down the street to get back home that night, he heard a noise behind him. Apparently, he’d caught the attention of a coyote scavenging for food… and it started to run after Richard!

The boy started to sprint, stumbling and scuffing his foot on the rough asphalt. He ran as fast as he could… up to his house, to the front door, opened it and jumped inside. As he closed the door behind him, he realized he’d made it home safely and escaped the hungry dog.

And he realized, with his parents, that the sleepwalking needed to stop.

When you decide that it needs to stop, you can take advantage of hypnosis in many different ways.


You could go to a therapist. The cost will be high, and you can expect to pay per session. Most therapists will want you to keep coming weekly or bi-monthly.


You could try self-hypnosis on your own. Once you’re trained, you may be able to find decent results. But often the conscious mind has a problem with telling itself to relax, which makes the subconscious more difficult to connect with.


The best option is to try the Overcome Sleepwalking program. As a self-hypnosis recording, you can get it as a CD or MP3 download. By utilizing advanced suggestion and visualization techniques, you will be able to make that change easily. You can get the program at a very affordable price, and listen to it as much as you want.

Which means you can make the problem go away completely for less than the cost of one visit to a therapist.

How good does that sound?

You can go to Self Hypnosis Download for more information.

overcome sleep walking mp3

But whether you decide the Overcome Sleepwalking program is right for you, or something else, remember this:

You deserve secure, quiet, undisturbed nights of rest.

And you have the power to overcome sleepwalking!

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