How To Release Emotional Baggage with Self Hypnosis

There are certain episodes in our lives where we experience emotional upheavals. ‘Emotional baggage’ has always been one of the toughest psychological problems that an individual has to go through in his or her lifetime. Break-ups, loss, disappointments and frustrations normally come and go. But there are certain situations that can leave you spiralling out of control. When something in your past or the present prevents you from moving in, it is imperative that you find ways to cut the problem from its core and seek out remedy that will put it in control. One way of doing so is to release the pent up emotion with self hypnosis. Read on to learn how.

Converting Negative Thoughts

People often go along with their emotions. When one is having a bad hair day, he or she often focuses on the negative thoughts ignoring that behind such lurks something good. It is akin to the perception of a glass as either half-empty or half-full. A person’s perspective when focused on the negative aspect — half-empty — can assail your overall physical and mental wellbeing. Like a black cloud that hovers constantly on your mind, utilizing self hypnosis scripts (which, by the way, are available online) can help dispel the clouds and bring the sunshine in. Self hypnosis can help effectively push the unproductive or negative thoughts away leaving you free to get on with your life without those weighty emotions dragging afoot.

Letting Go of Emotional Pain Symptoms Through Self Hypnosis

To give you an idea on how to release emotional baggage with self hypnosis, here are six easy steps:

1. Stimulate Hypnosis.

Inducing oneself to enter a trancelike state can be done in more ways than one. You may use eye fixation, “magnetic hands”, music, online/offline scripts, and other methods which help you dig deeper to your subconscious stimulating it to relax and visualize what you desire. Here, you need to be comfortable. Breathing technique must be done carefully to free your mind from unnecessary disturbing thoughts.

2. Positive Visualization

Try to see yourself in a safe place. Feel free to paint a picture. It may be a tropical paradise back-dropped with aquamarine blue waters or a winter wonderland where snowflakes excitingly touch your nose. It may even be a memorable place from your childhood. It can be anywhere you want as long as it makes you feel more relax, secure, comfortable and at peace with your mind. Visualize and feel such ambiance envelope you. Be sensitive to the sound, color, sight, texture and sensation that the place brings. Go deeper and deeper until you feel one with the place.

3. Self Awareness

Once you feel oneness with your place in mind, move on to your body. Be sentient to your breathing, the rise and fall of your chest, and the quickening and the mellowing of your pulse. Let your emotions ebb slowly, going deeper, and deeper. Embrace the negative and tie it down with a band. Summon yourself to be more aware of the pain and the negative sensation. Hold it down. Let it recede with the tide of relaxation.

4. Mind Focus

Concentrate carefully and create a spark of light. It could be any color you want. Let it radiate inside you. Let its warmth engulf you and ‘light a flame’ in your heart. Let this ray of light dispense the “dark clouds” clutching your heart. Release and let go then, replace it with a sunny and cherry thought and feeling.

5. Coping Mechanism

Try reverting to a time where you were most hurt. Try to place yourself in such a situation and observe how it triggers waves of emotions inside you. Bind this with the same light that you have created earlier. Let it engulf you. Learn to cope by practicing it many times before moving on to the next step.

6. Awakening

If you are confident enough, it is time to awaken yourself. Deep breaths, in-and-out, in-and-out. Wiggle your toes and fingers. Let energy course through your limbs. Now, open your eyes.

Watch the following video to release emotional pain, with a step-by-step guide to release emotional baggage with hypnosis.

Indeed, emotional pain is as excruciating as physical wounds, perhaps more. Get a hold of yourself so you will not get carried away in a spiral of negative sentiments. By knowing how to release emotional baggage with self hypnosis, you can free yourself from any pent-up emotions and generate positive life force.

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