How To Improve Your Self Esteem With Self Hypnosis!

Let’s start with a quick evaluation:

  1. Do you struggle to make important decisions?
  2. Are you not content with your present situation with regard to both work and personal life?
  3. Do you constantly devalue yourself with negative thinking?
  4. Do you criticize yourself at every step?
  5. Are you not at all concerned about your physical appearance?
  6. Are you constantly making excuses for your inefficiency?
  7. Are you always dependent on others to do your job?
  8. Do you fear changes or new experiences?

The more the number of answers in the affirmative, the deeper you are in the spiral of low self esteem.

But all hope is not yet lost! You can still learn to love and respect yourself. And you can do this all by yourself…with just some help in the form of self hypnosis.

Why Self Hypnosis?

With self-hypnosis, you can overcome all the pessimism, the negative self talk and actually reconsider the negative inputs.

Self-hypnosis will help you to identify your saboteur and banish it permanently. You will be able to reprogram your thoughts, goals and beliefs in a productive way. Your whole attitude and perception of your life will change considerably.  And as you practice self-hypnosis over a couple of days, you will feel more confident and competent and your self esteem will go up a couple of notches.

How to conduct a typical self-hypnosis session for improving low self–esteem

  1. Choose a quiet corner and sit in a comfortable posture. While some of you might prefer lying down, this way you are more susceptible to falling asleep during the process. Another important aspect to keep in mind…do not cross your legs. You will end up feeling uncomfortable even before the process ends. You can conduct this session either by keeping your eyes closed or eyes opened.
  2. Next, induce a state of deep relaxation. Rid your mind of all negative thoughts. Initially, you might find it difficult with thoughts intruding constantly. However, don’t just push them away. Consider them objectively and they will start slipping away on their own.
  3. Start taking deep, slow breaths. Be aware of the tension in your body and with each exhalation, try to push this tension and negativity out of your system.
  4. Try practicing positive self-talk. Instead of saying, “I am tired and irritated”, you can try saying “I am calm and positive”. Say things which can improve your self esteem like “I am successful and happy”.
  5. Playing soft tunes or positive affirmations in the background might help in this regard.

boost your self esteem mp3

While you induce a deep state of relaxation, you can listen to something like Confidence & Self Esteem – Self Hypnosis to Unlock Your Potential. Users have testified that the music makes them feel ‘alive’ and stronger. The voice and the clarity of pronunciation evoke a sense of optimism and achievement. This might turn out to be a great help during your self-hypnosis session.

For yet more help with your self-hypnosis session, you can try watching this video, or more importantly…listen to it.

If you want to know more about the self esteem boosting powers of self hypnosis, you can flip through the pages of Recreating Your Self: Building Self-Esteem Through Imaging and Self-Hypnosis. This book is all about the ways you can use self hypnosis to break out of the shackles of low esteem!

Here’s hoping that the world gets to see a more confident and optimistic ‘you’!

recreating your self building self esteem through imaging and self hypnosis

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