How to Awake Intuition Through Self Hypnosis

Ever had a moment where you felt a strong pull over an idea or a decision? Ever had a feeling as if something is definitely not right? When things seem to tug at your heartstrings, do you simply go with the flow or let rational thinking step in?

Photo Credit: AlicePopkorn via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: AlicePopkorn via Compfight cc

There are certain moments when we simply do not feel good in a particular situation. No matter how advantageous a decision, there are certain moments when we know it just so wrong without knowing why? If this happens to you before, do you have the tendency to shrug it off as a pessimistic thought or illogical nonsense?

If you take time to “listen” to your feeling, you might actually learn that there are some things that the “head” should not control. One way to do so is to awaken your intuition through self hypnosis. By letting your mind listen to your emotions, something powerful can unfold.

Photo Credit: h.koppdelaney via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: h.koppdelaney via Compfight cc

What is Intuition?

Intuition is that “gut” feeling over something that defies logic. Some call it a “hunch”. It comes from the Latin word, ‘intueor’, which means to see. Intuition is therefore a feeling that invokes an awareness stimulated by your mind, body, and soul collectively in the absence of explicit reasoning. It is a gut reaction that goes beyond any logical evidence. It is the very “inner voice” that nudges you to do things without rationalizing your thoughts.

Intuition: The Combined Power of Knowing and Feeling

Customarily, our actions are programmed to follow decisions based on rational thinking. When making decisions, no matter how mundane or crucial, a thinking mind has to prevail over all other perception. But intuition is more than just mere thinking. It is reaching out to the deepest recesses of knowing and feeling that is virtually untapped. It is the very pull that fires up hundreds of sensations all throughout your being, beyond logic, beyond reason.

It has been said that intuition is a form of power. It is a special ability to recognize something directly without having to delve into analytical thinking. It bridges the gap between your innate inclination towards a particular behavior and learned responses. You can actually harness the power to bridge the very chasm that divides the conscious and the unconscious mind. Your gut feeling is often noticeable enough for you to make a decision if you choose to.

Inculcating Intuition Via Self Hypnosis

There are many ways to harness your intuitive power. Not that you will use it on all aspects of you decisions but rather as a means to connect logical reasoning with perceptive sensations for more powerful results. Relying on logic alone does not always assure one of success. It can somehow curtail your chances of achieving something bigger. But how can you awaken your intuition through self hypnosis?

To do that you’ll have to learn how to:

  • master your breathing technique
  • go deeper into your inner thoughts
  • harness your subconscious by asking questions, give suggestions and forging acceptance
  • make use of the “ten safe secure steps” to go into deep trance
  • relax your mind; be comfortable
  •  immerse your intuition into deep intuitive visualization
  • receive your inner power
  • free your mind

awaken intuition mp3

You can also check out Awaken Intuition, a self hypnosis CD or MP3 download as voiced by Barrie St. John. This is an advanced hypnotherapy technique that stimulates deep relaxation. With clear guided instructions, enveloped in hypnotic music, you can reprogram yourself to become more aware of your intuitive mind for a higher good.

As you tap into your inner wisdom, you can help harness your power to achieve more. It is never too late to awaken your intuitive self through self hypnosis. Through this, you can achieve not just inner peace but complete healing of your entire personality.

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