Ditch The Cream And Go For Self Hypnosis For Treating Those Stubborn Skin Issues

Not always can you blame psychological factors like anxiety and tension for the skin condition you have. However, in most cases, those factors are responsible for the aggravation of any particular skin condition. There is a close link between the skin and the nervous system. And therefore, when these psychological factors make you stressed, which in turn, aggravate your skin condition, relaxation is often the only way out and can actually contribute to the healing process.

To Cite an Example –Eczema

Scratching is very common with stress. And if you scratch your eczema rash almost all the time, it is only going to get worse. Therefore, it is very important that you come out of this habit…in other words; you take charge of your mind and strive to improve your mental well being.

Hypnotherapy helps your stress levels to plummet and break free of habits like scratching. Also, any discomfort associated with eczema –low self esteem, or anxiety will go away with self-hypnosis.

So, now, the question is

How hypnotherapy helps with skin disorders?

  • To control stress – it has been found out that stress increases the vulnerability of the nervous system which has a direct and adverse effect on the epidermis. This leads to several dermatological symptoms. Stress reduction is therefore, one of the primary ways to tackle skin problems. This way, you can prevent your nervous system from wreaking havoc on your well being, including your skin.
  • In treating the trigger – with self hypnosis, you also try to find out the root cause of the skin disorder – the trigger. It is those underlying triggers that make any skin condition go bad to worse. When the root cause is detected, it becomes easy to treat the skin conditions.
  • In coping with problems associated with the condition – as the symptoms start surfacing, other problems start cropping up like lack of confidence, poor self-esteem, etc. Self-hypnosis not only reduces the stress but also helps you cope with these problems associated with the condition.
  • Coping with ‘Reaction’ to the symptom– when eczema itches, you tend to scratch it. This is your ‘reaction’ to the symptom. But even after, the root trigger is removed, it has been often found that the reaction stays on. This does not allow the skin-condition to improve. Self-hypnosis also deals with this reaction…thus paving for you a way to achieve healthy and clear skin.

Self-hypnosis, as you can see helps with your skin condition. But

How does it work?

Self-hypnosis works on your skin in 3 ways –

  • The first method is called supportive therapy. Here positive reinforcement techniques are used. The method also involves building confidence using some post-hypnotic suggestions.
  • The next method is making direct suggestion. This method helps the individuals to reduce compulsive acts like scratching as well as decreases the pain.
  • The final method is the symptoms substitution. With it, your subconscious will be taught to replace any bad habit that might make the situation worse with good habits.

healthy clear skin

So, if eczema, rashes, acne or psoriasis is troubling you…besides trying medications and incorporating important lifestyle changes, you can also try self-hypnosis for quicker and better results.

To begin with, watch the video underneath.

This might just be the help you need to improve your deteriorating skin condition.

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