Debunking Self-Hypnosis Myths – Before your Inner Negative Programming ‘Debunks’ You!

debunking self hypnosis myths

Self-hypnosis, like most inexplicable things to do with the human psyche, is shrouded in a number of misconceptions and myths. People think that hypnosis can induce all kinds of undesirable results and states, and self-hypnosis shouldn’t be too different. But, the facts couldn’t be further from these myths.

So, let’s take the time to identify a few of these myths, so that when you know the myths from the facts, you find it easier to be more accepting towards a session of self-hypnosis. And when the psychological barriers have been broken, you will find that practising self-hypnosis becomes easier and more effective!

Myth Alert – None of these are actually true!

  • Whether you want to or not – you can be hypnotized![You actually need to consciously submit to the hypnosis to be hypnotized]
  • When hypnotized you can be made to do ANYTHING![Even under hypnosis, you can only be ‘suggested’ into doing what you are willing to do…]
  • When in the hypnotic trance you are either unconscious or deeply asleep![When you are hypnotized, you are very much in your senses, and you can actually come out at will]
  • Hypnosis is ADDICTIVE![It is not a drug, for heaven’s sake! Why would you be addicted? It actually empowers you to take your own decisions better!]
  • I can get ‘stuck’ in a hypnotized state and never come out![Hypnosis, and especially self-hypnosis is just the practice of being intensely focused inwards – why would you get stuck?! And as mentioned earlier, the one hypnotized can decide to just come out of the trance]
  • Regularly being put under a hypnotic trance has unhealthy consequences![Ok, so, hypnosis does bring out changes in your mind and body – but these changes make you HEALTHIER and a stronger and more confident person!]

As you can see from the myths and the explanations that follow – self-hypnosis is actually quite different from what a lot of people think it to be. In fact, self-hypnosis, or even hypnosis, has very little in common with what is usually taken as ‘stage hypnosis’! No matter what you are told, quite a lot of what’s on stage is set up! Self-hypnosis on the other hand, is your own journey inwards, into your own mind, so that you can set right what you want to set right, and make yourself more determined to achieve what you want to achieve!

So, what are you waiting for right now? Find out what benefits you can reap from self-hypnosis , as well as the simple ways to practise it , and get started with improving your own life!

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