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confidence for children

Help Your Child GROW With 5 Simple Steps Of Self Hypnosis!

Being a child is not easy. There are so many things to learn, so much to know, absorb and assimilate. Alongside mental maturity, kids also need to deal with the physical and hormonal changes in their body. So, it is not surprising if they need a little help along the way – a little boost […]

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easy natural childbirth

Self-Hypnosis Assisted Childbirth – The Miracle To Eliminate The Pain

It is true that the female body is endowed with the ability to bear children. And therefore, it goes without saying that it is also equipped to give birth without much difficulty. However, most mothers will tell you that childbirth is an extremely painful experience. In fact, considering this very fact, many pregnant women these […]

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reduce pain in childbirth natuarally

Preparing For A ‘Painless’ Birth By Regularly Practising 7 Easy Self Hypnosis Steps

While the joy of motherhood surpasses every sort of discomfort you might face during the term, it doesn’t take away the pain and apprehension associated with child birth. It is not easy to relax and ease the contractions, letting the birthing proceed naturally, especially since every muscle in your body tenses up, and you experience […]

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get into meditative trance

How You Can Get Into Meditative Trance Through Self Hypnosis

There is nothing scary about getting into trance through self hypnosis. Snap out of your reverie on Hannibal Lecter episodes. You will not turn into a cat or duck when in deep trance. Out of body experience is also not part of the deal. It is not as magical or as mysterious or as scary […]

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signs of being in a trance

How to Recognize The Indicative Signs Of Being In A Trance?

Your daily grind is a series of distractions and stressful situations that can easily drown your innermost consciousness. One way to gain control of your subconscious is to put yourself in a state of trance. This will allow you to step into a world where you can control the innermost sanctum of your brain, away […]

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tweaking your sub-conscious

Tweaking your Sub-conscious through Conscious Intervention!

The conscious brain – you may think it propels you through your life, but it is a lot like the RAM on a computer – a short term memory that retains information for a few minutes or up to a few hours. In fact the brain is a lot like an iceberg, with the conscious […]

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self hypnosis script

How Self-Hypnosis Scripts Influence The Mind

Hypnosis in itself is a science of suggestion and any changes in your mental makeup can be brought about not through assertion, but by making simple positive suggestions to the subconscious. And when a person is under hypnosis, their subconscious is super-focused, and in this state, suggestions – made the right way and with the […]

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Self-Induce a Hypnotic Trance to Achieve Deep Relaxation!

The word trance is used to describe any state where a person is not fully conscious, and unable, to a large extent, to respond to the changes happening around him. Down the ages, the general idea has been that when you are under a hypnotic trance, you are only half conscious and completely unable to […]

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