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potential of brain

5 Pentagon Mind Experiments That Tap The Limitless Potential Of Brain

Though self-hypnosis has been increasingly finding favor as a means to tap the immense potential of brain and use it to one’s advantage, there are still some sections which dismiss it as ‘hocus pocus’. Before we try and figure out the truth about self-hypnosis, let us find out whether there is actually more to the […]

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tradition of hypnosis

The Present Face of The Age Old Tradition Of Hypnosis

Have you ever stopped to think about the origins of the esoteric practice of hypnosis? Has it ever struck you that it has potent powers and therefore may have been used by ancient civilizations and people for various purposes? Quite a few people have either been given this idea by movies — all of which forward […]

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self hypnosis with binaural beats

How To Induce Self-Hypnosis With The Help Of Binaural Beats

Back in the year 1839, Heinrich Wilhelm Dove had discovered the effects of binaural beats on human brain but only at the end of the 20th century, was awareness generated regarding this tool of hypnosis. According to Wikipedia,“Binaural beats, or binaural tones, are auditory processing artifacts, or apparent sounds, caused by specific physical stimuli”and they have […]

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debunking self hypnosis myths

Debunking Self-Hypnosis Myths – Before your Inner Negative Programming ‘Debunks’ You!

Self-hypnosis, like most inexplicable things to do with the human psyche, is shrouded in a number of misconceptions and myths. People think that hypnosis can induce all kinds of undesirable results and states, and self-hypnosis shouldn’t be too different. But, the facts couldn’t be further from these myths. So, let’s take the time to identify a […]

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Drawing The Line Between Self Hypnosis and Meditation

There is a thin line that delineates self hypnosis from meditation. Some people say both are the same… only differing on the context of which they are used. Both involve entering a “state of trance” delving into the innermost sanctum of the subconscious. Both require focus and utmost relaxation. However, in as much as they […]

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think positive

“Positivizing” your Mindset for a more successful you!

Negative thoughts, ideas and mindset – especially when deep seated – can prove to be not just limiting, but also downright destructive! Don’t believe that?  Consider for instance a woman; she thinks she’s fat, and that it is unlikely that she will find a man who will like her.This proves limiting because she’s so preoccupied with […]

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the mysteries of the mind and hypnosis

The Mysteries of the Mind and Hypnosis!

Since times immemorial, the human mind has remained a mystery.  Some try to ‘relate’ it with the brain’s neurons and synapses as well as the electro-chemicals reactions which are responsible for so many of the abstract feelings and emotions that we live with daily.Be it memory, logic, reason, morality, feeling, emotions, and even the overall […]

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how does self hypnosis help you

How Does Self-hypnosis Help You?

Hypnosis is a trance-like state which induces a sort of physical lethargy in a person. But this is induced so that an individual is able to achieve greater mental focus and concentration. While such states of hypnosis may be induced through instructions given by a hypnotherapist, another method of achieving this state of subconscious-awareness is […]

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