pain management

How Effective Is Self-Hypnosis For Pain Management?

While many of the over-the counter analgesics might offer you a temporary relief from pain, you cannot use them on a long-term basis. Moreover, prolonged or over-use of pain-killers can cause a number of undesirable side effects, including stomach ulcer, kidney damage, aggravation of asthma, dizziness, abdominal pain and many more. Alternatively, if you know … Read more

health clear skin

Self-Hypnosis: The New ‘Beauty Secret’ For ‘Hypnotically Beautiful’ Skin

Slathering on pricey creams and lotions and going to that high-end salon every month for getting that ‘glowing’ skin seems to be the way with everyone. But why flow with the tide, when you aren’t even sure of the results? Instead go off the beaten track and try something that is becoming an increasingly popular … Read more

overcome skin problem

Ditch The Cream And Go For Self Hypnosis For Treating Those Stubborn Skin Issues

Not always can you blame psychological factors like anxiety and tension for the skin condition you have. However, in most cases, those factors are responsible for the aggravation of any particular skin condition. There is a close link between the skin and the nervous system. And therefore, when these psychological factors make you stressed, which … Read more

blood pressure management

6 Steps To Manage High Blood Pressure With Self Hypnosis For A Slow But Steady Recovery!

When was the last time you took the time to just sit back, and relax? Relaxed in a fashion that left you no scope of thinking about your electricity bills, your kids’ education, your house loan, your work…when was the last time you thought about nothing but yourself, and enjoyed the serenity that relaxation of … Read more

manage excessive sweating

Top Reasons To Manage Excessive Sweating With Self Hypnosis

Sweating is natural physiological occurrence. It is a means for the body to control and adapt to change in temperature brought about by climatic condition, activities or certain situations. In some cases, however, the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) gets revved-up causing some people to sweat in excess…more than the amount needed to regulate your body … Read more

overcome depression

Can You Overcome Depression through Self Hypnosis!

To overcome depression through Self Hypnosis, the first step you need tom take is to understand your depression and identify the factors which could be causing it. Depression is characterized by immense distress, persistent feeling of dejection and gloominess. Clinical depression is an extreme stage of depression leading to other disorders and requires a clinical … Read more