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stop smoking

Can Hypnosis Help You Kick The “Butt” Of Smoking?

“The easiest thing in the world is to quit smoking; I have done it three times.” Sounds familiar? Well, it is quite a popular line among chain smokers.Jokes apart, regular smokers often have a tough time when they attempt giving up smoking for good. Ever wondered what hinders you most when you try to quit smoking, […]

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overcome alcohol addiction

How Hypnotherapy Can Help In Controlling Your Alcohol Addiction!

There’s a definite difference between enjoying a drink or two and overindulging in alcohol…that is, getting and staying drunk… being an alcoholic! The root of the problem lies in the fact that most people don’t know where to draw the line in having a ‘good time’ with alcohol. And this indulgence in a ‘good time’ […]

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stop gambling

How To Use Self Hypnosis To Stop Gambling From Taking Over You

Like other addictions, gambling can be quite compulsive if not checked in time, and can go on to ruin your life. You can lose your job, home, business or family if you are not strong enough to control your impulses.Some people are addicted to sports betting while others are more into brick-and-mortar casinos or online […]

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overcome drug addiction

How does Self Hypnosis arm you to fight drug addiction?

You might have started using drugs to fit in with your circle, or simply because you were curious or wanted to mentally escape from your hard times. But, once you lose control, overcoming the addiction can be more than difficult. First of all, the more you try to refrain from it, the more you will […]

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How Self-hypnosis Can Help You Win The Battle Against Overeating

Binge eating, which is characterized by compulsive overeating, is somehow a natural impulse. In the pre-historic days, humans would gorge on any food available to them, as often, food was scarce. Now that food is available aplenty and in a lot of variety, binging has become a way to recompense for emotional upheavals, thus leading to […]

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