overcome insomnia

Self-Hypnosis: How To Lull Your ‘Self’ To Sleep

A sluggish start to the day, irritability, exhaustion, poor concentration, forgetfulness bordering on amnesia, even serious conditions like depression and sleep apnea- the side effects of insomnia are many! Yet sleeping pills- which tend to be the easiest and fastest solution to the problem — should be the last thing you consider to manage this […]

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stop hair pulling

How To Use Self Hypnosis To Win Against Trichotillomania?

When individuals suffer from compulsive hair pulling or Trichotillomania, they feel a strong desire or need to pull out strands of their hair. While this disorder might not cause any physical harm, if not treated in time, it can result in severe hair loss over the time and lead to bald patches. Unfortunately, conventional treatments […]

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potential of brain

5 Pentagon Mind Experiments That Tap The Limitless Potential Of Brain

Though self-hypnosis has been increasingly finding favor as a means to tap the immense potential of brain and use it to one’s advantage, there are still some sections which dismiss it as ‘hocus pocus’. Before we try and figure out the truth about self-hypnosis, let us find out whether there is actually more to the […]

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stop smoking

Can Hypnosis Help You Kick The “Butt” Of Smoking?

“The easiest thing in the world is to quit smoking; I have done it three times.” Sounds familiar? Well, it is quite a popular line among chain smokers.Jokes apart, regular smokers often have a tough time when they attempt giving up smoking for good. Ever wondered what hinders you most when you try to quit smoking, […]

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tradition of hypnosis

The Present Face of The Age Old Tradition Of Hypnosis

Have you ever stopped to think about the origins of the esoteric practice of hypnosis? Has it ever struck you that it has potent powers and therefore may have been used by ancient civilizations and people for various purposes? Quite a few people have either been given this idea by movies — all of which forward […]

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best me technique

5 Step Self-Hypnosis To Make You The “Best Me” You Can Be!

The ‘Best Me’ technique carries the benefits of practical self hypnosis even further. Case studies show that people respond better to a ‘suggestion enhanced experience’ – and so the best me technique gives better results than regular hypnotherapy. It is much more realistic and though it falls back on visualization and other forms of hypnotherapy, […]

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tackle allergy attacks

How Self-Hypnosis Can Train Your Brain To Tackle Allergy Attacks

The very thought of concentrating to self-hypnotize yourself while you feel a maddening urge to scratch yourself might seem not only impracticable but also ridiculous. But then self-hypnosis does work wonders in treating allergy. In fact, it is a safer way than antihistamines and other medications to take care of your nagging allergy issues since […]

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preparation of surgery

Hypno-Surgery – Tap Into Your Mind And Eliminate Pain Without Facing The Risks Of Anesthesia

Can you imagine an open surgery without any form of anesthesia? You say it is probably possible in the rare case where a person has the ability it withstand very intense pain. But what if it involves a normal person with a typical pain threshold, who is only able to tolerate the surgery because some […]

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