the state of hypnosis

The State of Hypnosis

We appreciate that you’re taking the time to explore hypnosis. You’re brave, considering the idea projected by the media today. People usually think hypnosis is too scary. Even dangerous. When most people think of hypnosis, they imagine a kind of glassy-eyed state of unconsciousness. The subject is drooling on themselves. Totally unaware of everything going on around them. They […]

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what is hypnosis?

Hypnosis – What It Does and How It Works

​“Hypnosis is the epitome of mind-body medicine. It can enable the mind to tell the body how to react, and modify the messages that the body sends to the mind.” – New York Times ​Hypnosis is perhaps one of the most controversial and misinterpreted psychological methods of treatment. It’s negative projection in movies and sideshows, […]

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self hypnosis recordings

How Do Self Hypnosis Recordings Work?

Unstuck: One man’s experience with self-hypnosisMatthew was a computer programmer. As a single man, he spent the majority of his day sitting and typing, staring at the screen. Of course, there were the occasional breaks for the bathroom. Or to grab some junk food. Or to smoke another cigarette. He was loved at his company. A star employee, […]

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overcome sleep walking

Overcoming Sleep Walking With Self Hypnosis

​When does sleeping become hazardous to your heath? Remember how comfortable it feels to be in bed, in a motionless, deep sleep? You can feel the weight of your body as you drift through a fantastic dreamland. Warm. Silent. Peaceful. Relaxed. Have you experienced that jarring feeling when something tears you out of that slumber? Imagine someone knocking on your door, ringing […]

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overcome sleep talking

Learn How to Use Hypnosis to Overcome Sleep Talking

Sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut “I’ll deal with the elephants tomorrow!” Jim was obviously irritated. “I don’t care if we’re out of soap, I’m not buying any donuts!” He spoke clearly, with anger in his voice, determined to hold his ground. His wife, Sue, was baffled – They were not out of soap. And Jim was an accountant […]

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stop panic attacks

How to Use Self Hypnosis to Stop Panic Attacks

“I can’t speak. I can’t breathe.”   “I want to run for my life, but I can’t.”   “I feel dizzy. Ice running through my veins.”   “Heart racing. Palms sweating.”   “Vision gets blurry as the walls close in around me.”   “I can’t feel my arms or my face.” Panic attacks can feel like the world is crashing down […]

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overcome fear of dogs

Overcoming Fear of Dogs With Self Hypnosis

Fear is a funny thing. Take the fear of dogs, for example… I have a dog. I grew up with dogs. And I’ve always loved dogs. But that’s only me. Some people are terribly afraid of dogs. Even my cute cuddly poodle Frisby would send them into a panic. You might be wondering – What does this have to do with […]

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what does hypnosis feel like?

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

We’re glad you’re interested in learning more about self-hypnosis! Many people who become curious about hypnosis wonder what it feels like to be hypnotized. It can seem weird. Maybe even scary if you don’t understand it. But that’s what we’re here for. There are a lot of misconceptions around hypnosis. And you may find that it’s not what you think […]

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