8 Steps To Deal With Your Social Anxiety Phobia Through Hypnotherapy

There is a difference between feeling out of place in a party where you know no one, and feeling uncomfortable…despairing even…when you are amongst your friends and family. If the latter feels more than familiar, you are most likely suffering from social anxiety phobia.

No one likes to be judged by others, but for some, the fear of being judged becomes so extreme that they become paranoid, and panic the moment they come in contact with someone else.

There have been such cases where the person suffering from acute social anxiety phobia had to drop out from college, and could not go out amidst public at all.  When you reach a situation where you can hardly talk to another person without cowering or panicking, it is high time you try and get yourself out of this problem.

And the problem with social anxiety phobia is that no one else can help you. YOU alone have the power to come out of your shell.

overcome anxiety phobia through hypnotherapy

But before you learn how to use self hypnosis to tackle your social anxiety phobia, let’s take a look at the problems you come across:


  • Dry mouth
  • Profuse blushing and sweating
  • Feeling sick
  • Knee shaking
  • Feeling weak
  • Stammering and stuttering
  • Having palpitations and breathing trouble

The other obvious indications of social anxiety phobia include:

Avoiding company and any sort of identification: not only do you find it extremely difficult to talk to someone else, introducing yourself and even signing your name in a slip of paper becomes a herculean task. Speaking in public is an absolute impossibility.

Low self esteem: lack of confidence and ability to stand up for YOUR SELF in any situation, shunning confrontation and conflict are part of the problem.

Problems at work: when you can’t even talk to anyone else without feeling discomfort, making your way through your workplace must be that much tougher. Setting up meetings, living up to the expectations constantly, and having to evaluate yourself …these are some of the most basic things at work. And here, no one is going to cut you a slack just because you have a social anxiety phobia.

So, what is the solution? Turn to hypnotherapy to ease yourself out of the situation. Social Anxiety Phobia usually stems from some hidden, unconscious trauma, and given that it is a problem that stems from your unconscious, conscious efforts at fighting the situation do not work.

And how does hypnotherapy help?

  • Hypnotherapy allows you to understand your thought patterns (conscious and unconscious), and helps you analyze your belief system.
  • It helps you to analyze your reactions to different situations.
  • It helps you negate the negative thoughts that direct and guide your responses to social situations.
  • Helps you to challenge your belief system, and the deep bonds that are bogging you down.
  • Self hypnosis can boost your self esteem and confidence; bring about a change in your attitude towards others as well as yourself.
  • Helps you to relax and control the physical discomfort/symptoms that plague you while dealing with others.
  • Self hypnosis helps you to get to the bottom of your problem and ensures that the means of managing your social anxiety that you are employing actually work.

Steps of self hypnosis for social anxiety:

  1. Settle down in a comfortable position, it is better if you sit or recline comfortably.
  2. Close your eyes and breathe in deeply, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.  Repeat this process at least 3-10 times.
  3. Focus on your head and work your way down, or focus on your toes and work your way up. Either way, you should convince each muscle in your body to relax…one at a time. Now focus the attention at the top of your head or at your feet. Visualize the process; imagine how each of the muscle groups is being relaxed.
  4. Now visualize a bright white light – it could be of any color as long as you associate healing and happiness with the color. Imagine yourself being cocooned in this light, and that it will protect you from outside influences (mental).
  5. Count backwards from 10 to 1. And as you count, imagine yourself going down stairs, escalator…it doesn’t matter as long as you can feel yourself delving deeper into your unconscious self.
  6. Now that you are sufficiently calm, imagine yourself in your ‘happy place’, or in your ‘special place’. It can be a childhood memory of safety and happiness or a goal you want to achieve. Make sure the smell, sights and feelings of the image are as concrete as your mind can manage. The more detailed your image; the better will be its effect. Imagine yourself in that special place.
  7. Now let yourself be taken over by POSITIVITY, let it reach deep within you. Visualize your goals and your accomplishments, imagine your success, taste it and feel it webbing its way around you. If you want to accomplish your goals, you must also have the WILL to make them happen. And if your determination is strong, it will happen!
  8. Complete your session – count from 1 to 5, slowly. All the while, let your conscious thoughts be positive and refreshing…you will emerge from your trance feeling ready to face the world, alert and brilliant.

For additional help, you can always turn to Overcome Social Anxiety Phobia – Self Hypnosis CD / MP3 Download. When you will yourself to overcome social anxiety phobia, self hypnosis makes it happen. So, use hypnotherapy and face the world as an equal with everyone else.


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