6 Easy n’ Effective Steps Of Self Hypnosis To Manage Your Anger!!

No matter where your anger stems from, it is an undeniable that its impact on your life is neither healthy nor positive. While it is true that anger is an emotion we experience almost every day, and giving vent to this anger is important and beneficial for you, the way you do it is equally important!

Some of us have a lot more patience to deal with whatever is causing us to get angry, but not all of us are blessed with the same level of tolerance. And if you belong to the latter category of people, you are not alone…there are too many people out there who burst out in a rage quite often (read: regularly).

But you can’t let your anger rule your life, and to let it control you would be detrimental not just to you but it affects those around as well. If you truly want to make your anger management treatments work, you must WILL it from within, and self hypnosis makes this will a reality.

When your efforts at anger management do not work, the reason is not their inefficiency, but your mind set. You must want to change your response to anger from your deepest core, but more often than not, your mindset (however unconsciously) does not allow you to master your anger.

This is where self hypnosis can work wonders.

But before that why is anger harmful?

Anger is an emotion that can be destructive, our mind’s hidden way of letting us know that we have gone off-course. It alerts us to the knowledge that our boundaries and sense of self preservation are being violated, that what is happening to us is not right and must be countered.

Thus, anger sometimes comes out on the surface as annoyance and at times, it controls our lives — leaving destruction in its wake.

It is when anger becomes so negative that it becomes destructive that you should hear warning bells.

 Anger not only disturbs you emotionally, but wreaks havoc on your physical health as well.

Hence, anger management is necessary, because allowing anger to have its way will only cause you harm.

So how does self hypnosis help in anger management?

  • Self hypnosis allows you to understand where your anger stems from, and what your anger triggers are.
  • It also helps you to change your attitude towards anger and the factors that make you angry.
  • Self hypnosis makes it possible for you to change the way in which you express your anger. In fact, anger in essence, is a raw emotion/energy that can be harnessed if channelized positively.
  • It helps you to STOP TAKING THINGS PERSONALLY…this is one of the major factors that cause most people to lose themselves in anger.
  • Self hypnosis makes you realize that your anger is a natural part of you and expressing anger itself is natural, what is unnatural is the way your anger can become your master.
  • It helps you to communicate with those around you better, and improves your grasp over your rationality so that you can meet conflicts headlong without losing yourself to anger.
  • In fact, self hypnosis allows you to experience new patterns of communication and expression, not to mention that it allows positivity to flow into you.
  • The greatest methods of anger management will fail to be effective unless YOU rise to the occasion and make it happen. The motivation needed to make your anger management solutions work is provided by self hypnosis.
  • Self hypnosis allows you to change yourself in a way that is beneficial to you and yours, and opens you to newer experiences.
  • As you go through the positive benefits of self hypnosis, you also learn to handle stress better, and live a better life.

Steps to use self hypnosis for anger management:

  1. Make sure you are seated in a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed.
  2. Induce a state of calm with deep, focused breathing.
  3. Once you are sufficiently calm, begin visualizing positive images, images that will boost your progress in managing your anger.
  4. Focus on the image and make it as concrete as your mind can manage.
  5. If you get distracted, don’t give up, try again from the beginning.
  6. Practice inducing this trance like state to make your anger management strategies a success.

What can help you in your efforts at managing your anger with self hypnosis is: Anger Management: Self Hypnosis CD / MP3 Download.

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Use self hypnosis to master your anger, rather than allowing it to master you and you will be a happier person…and live a better life.

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